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Seminole County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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Seminole County Traffic Ticket Attorney
Seminole County Speeding Ticket Lawyer Kevin J. Pitts

In Seminole County, traffic violations may seem like a minor aspect of the law, but a Altamonte Springs traffic ticket can have serious consequences. For example, one of the most commonly ticketed violations is speeding. Drivers can easily get distracted, stop paying attention and get a "lead foot." Flashing lights in your rearview mirror can occur, you can find yourself getting pulled over and a Sanford speeding ticket can find itself shoved in the glove compartment. Many assume that if they are given a Winter Springs speeding ticket that there is nothing else to be done. This, however, is not true. In fact, the legal assistance of a Altamonte Springs traffic ticket lawyer can be an invaluable asset towards helping defend your legal rights. Sanford Traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts can challenge the citation or can work to help reduce penalties - for instance, traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts can help to determine whether or not traffic school is a valid option. If it is, Lake Mary traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts will fight to help you keep points of your license arguing that a withhold of adjudication or traffic school is a much more appropriate punishment. Seminole County speeding ticket lawyer Kevin J. Pitts understands how small violations can add up - even in the smallest of cases, Mr. Pitts will do everything that he can to help you achieve the best possible result.

Seminole County Ticket Attorney Kevin J. Pitts handles:

Pacing Tickets
Speeding Tickets
Red Light Tickets
Radar Tickets
High Speed Violations
Failure to Maintain a Single Lane Tickets
Improper U-turn Tickets
Careless Driving Tickets
Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device Tickets
Automated photo red light tickets
Driving with a suspended license
DUI Offense/ DWI Offense
Hit and Run
Reckless driving
DMV Hearings
All basic traffic violations or  citations

Seminole County traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts can help save your insurance rates from a traffic ticket. The lawyers at Thero, Riecks & Pitts have over 30 years of experience. If not handled properly a Seminole County traffic tickets will make your insurance rates go up substantially and you could even lose your license with enough points on your record. It's important to fight every traffic ticket since each ticket on your record has an impact. Seminole County ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts will help you by providing experienced, professional legal assistance to help you beat traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and any other traffic violation in Seminole County Florida.

Why Hire An Experienced Seminole County Traffic Ticket Attorney?
If you are like most people, you are likely not familiar with the language and routines involved in Altamonte Springs traffic court proceedings. This puts you at a distinct disadvantage as you are likely to be opposing a police officer who has been to Lake Mary traffic court on numerous occasions and knows how to present his or her case well. If you need legal representation for a Winter Springs traffic offense Seminole County ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts is prepared to offer the guidance you need to get your citation resolved quickly with as little expense, time and aggravation as possible. Regardless of how insignificant your citation may seem at the time, it is almost always worth your while in the long run to consult a Sanford traffic ticket lawyer about your case. An attorney well versed in Florida traffic law can use knowledge of the law and legal processes, as well as his good working relationship with judges and police officers, to get tickets reduced or dismissed. Attorney Kevin J. Pitts is prepared to deal with a variety of infractions, from minor infractions to serious moving violations and misdemeanors as well. If you have been cited for a violation that you believe to be the result of an error, or one in which you were at fault, you can fight speeding ticket, red-light tickets, stop sign tickets, fail to obey a traffic control device tickets and other citations by hiring a traffic attorney with experience in defending these cases.

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Seminole County Traffic Ticket

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