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Orlando receives tens of millions of visitors each year.  Some people come to town for the amusement parks and some people come to town to visit family and friends.  The downside is that a tiny portion of those folks get into trouble, often for the very first time.  Although, ‘what happens in Orlando stays in Orlando’ hasn’t caught on yet, there is certainly trouble to be had here.

Our numerous bars and clubs provide the liquor, and so do our theme parks.  But what people don’t know is that these theme parks and bars are security staffed by off duty police officers who can and will arrest you (and sometimes taze or beat you!)

Common Orlando vacation arrests are disorderly intoxication, trespass after warning, petit theft, grand theft, criminal mischief, domestic violence battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, DUI, etc.  These types of cases are so common, that in fact, Attorney Moenckmeier can guess which theme park based on the type of crime charged!  

Attorney Moenckmeier has handled all these crimes and many more, and if you would like to ask more questions, call 407.504.1384 to speak with Attorney Moenckmeier for your free consultation.  Your reputation, your employment, and your liberty are at risk, even from a ‘petty’ crime, and you need to hire an experienced defense attorney to fight tooth and nail to get you the best probable outcome.  

An experienced Orlando attorney can handle your case for you and it is possible you will not have to return to Florida or to Court for your case.  Attorney Heiko Moenckmeier has handled clients from as far away as Alaska and Japan and many other states where the case is in Central Florida.  Mr. Moenckmeier practices throughout the state of Florida, with most cases in Volusia County, Brevard County, Osceola, Orange, and Seminole County.  

The ability to speak with an experienced defense attorney right away can put you and your family’s mind at ease.  Being arrested is a traumatic experience for the arrestee, but even moreso for your family members.  If you or a loved one is arrested, please call 407.504.1384 to speak directly with Attorney Heiko Moenckmeier 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I am here to help you through the trauma of an arrest, including explaining the timelines, how the bail bond process works, obtaining a bondsman, or whether to go down to the jail with a money order (cash bond) ((the Osceola and Orange County jails no longer accept US Greenbacks).

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Attorney Kevin J. Pitts
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Attorney Kevin J. Pitts
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