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Kissimmee Traffic Ticket Attorney

Never pay an Osceola County traffic ticket without speaking to Osceola County traffic ticket lawyers Heiko Moenckmeier and Kevin Pitts at 407-883-6853 or 407-504-1384. Paying a traffic ticket will cost you more in the long run than hiring Osceola County traffic ticket attornies to fight your ticket.

When you pay a traffic ticket you can get points on your license, your insurance rates can go up for years and in some cases your license can be suspended. Depending on your driving history paying a suspended license ticket could result in a 5 year suspension of your driver's license or in a points suspension.

In 2012 the most common moving violation was an Osceola County speeding ticket with 28,145: Osceola County toll violation ticket with 9,409 issued, followed by Osceola County red light tickets with 2,861 issued, Osceola County careless driving ticket with 2,744, Osceola County red light camera ticket with 2,613, Osceola County driving on a suspended license without knowledge 2,607, Osceola County fail to yield right of way ticket 1,431, Osceola County running a stop sign ticket with 1.339, Osceola County improper lane change ticket 725, Osceola County improper passing ticket 585, Osceola County improper turn ticket 408, Osceola County following too close ticket 351, Osceola County child restraint ticket 282 and Osceola County failure to obey a traffic control device ticket with 277. Traffic tickets are big business in Osceola County. In 2012 the combined total of criminal, moving and non-moving violations was 87,551 incidents.

If you are accused of a Kissimmee traffic ticket do not pay it without talking to Osceola County traffic ticket attorneys Kevin J. Pitts and Heiko G. Moenckmeier. We offer free phone consultations on all traffic tickets. Call 407-883-6853 or 407-504-1384 today to discuss your ticket. If you have been arrested in Osceola County go to Osceola County criminal defense attorney.

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Attorney Kevin J. Pitts
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Heiko Moenckmeier, Esq.
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Attorney Kevin J. Pitts
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Osceola County Traffic Ticket Attorney, Osceola County Traffic Ticket Lawyer
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