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Daytona Beach Vacation Arrest Attorney

Being arrested while on vacation in Daytona Beach is a major inconvenience. Hiring a Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney can eliminate a great deal of hassle. An experienced Daytona Beach attorney can waive your appearance for all pre-trial matters. This avoids being forced to travel to Daytona Beach once a month until the case is resolved. Many legal defenses can be argued without the accused appearing in court. Misdemeanor cases such as DUI, battery, domestic battery, driving on a suspended license and no valid motorcycle endorsement to name a few can be resolved by a plea and waiver if the charges cannot be thrown out or reduced. The only mandatory appearance with an attorney in Daytona Beach for a misdemeanor case would be trial and jury selection. If your testimony would help in a legal motion it could be helpful for you to appear for defensive motions. 

Felony cases can require a mandatory appearance if the charges cannot be reduced to a misdemeanor or thrown out on legal grounds. Hiring a skilled Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney can increase the chances of getting the case reduced or dismissed. An attorney can also save you multiple trips to Daytona Beach while the best possible result is negotiated and argued for. Daytona Beach vacation arrest attorney Kevin J. Pitts is a former Daytona Beach prosecutor who focuses his practice on criminal defense. Mr. Pitts has handled over 5,000 cases as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. The initial consultation is always free. Call 386-451-5112 to discuss your legal options.

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