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What To Do When Arrested For A Seminole County Domestic Violence Charge

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When someone is arrested for domestic\nviolence in Seminole County it can be confusing. The first concern is getting\nyour loved one out of jail. Getting out of jail when arrested for domestic\nviolence is a little different than other cases. The charge starts out with no\nbond. Once the accused goes to first appearance they will get a bond. On a\nmisdemeanor the bond is usually $500. On felonies the bond can be much higher.\nThis can be done by posting a cash bond or using a Seminole\nCounty domestic violence bail bondsman. A cash bond ties up more money but that money will be\napplied toward the case or returned after the clerk takes a small processing\nfee. The bail bondsman is less money but the premium will not be returned. Many\ncases in Seminole County can start off with GPS and no contact order. This can\nbe avoided in some cases if the facts are weak or the alleged victim wants\ncontact.
After getting out of jail\nyou have two broad categories of domestic violence cases. The alleged victim is\nout to get the accused and wants to aggressively pursue the case. This is\ncommon when a divorce is pending. This can also result in an injunction being\nfiled. The other type of domestic violence case is when the police are called\nbut the alleged victim does not want criminal charges. These cases are\ntypically only the domestic violence case. You need to talk to a Seminole\nCounty domestic violence attorney in both of these situations. If the alleged\nvictim does not want to go forward you are typically not going to need\nrepresentation in a divorce or injunction case.
The criminal case can be\nresolved quickly or can drag on for months. The charges can be simple\nmisdemeanor domestic violence or can be enhanced to a felony if serious injury\noccurs, the alleged victim is pregnant, strangulation is alleged, a deadly\nweapon is used or the accused has a prior battery on their record. If the\nalleged victim does not want to go forward the prosecutor will have problems\nwith the case. They are more likely to take the steps to get around the\nproblems (putting the victim in jail to force testimony) on felony cases or\nrepeat offenders.

Collateral Consequences of a Daytona Beach Domestic Violence Case (Part 2)

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It is unheard of that a misdemeanor will permanently revoke a constitutional right. A domestic violence charge can revoke your right to bear arms for life. That means a plea to a DV charge will make it illegal for you to possess a firearm for life.

Collateral Consequences of a Daytona Beach Domestic Violence Case (Part 1)

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Most of the charges in Florida that cannot be sealed are serious felonies. The two exceptions are domestic violence and stalking. These are the only misdemeanors that you cannot seal if adjudication is withheld. That means a plea to a DV charge will be on your record for life. DUI also cannot be sealed but for a different reason. The statute requires an adjudication of guilt.

Daytona Beach Divorce Attorney

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Seminole County Suspended License Attorney

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In Orange County, Volusia County, Polk County, Seminole County, Lake County, Osceola County and Flagler County 29,274 suspended license cases with knowledge occurred in 2012.

Daytona Beach Area DUI Arrests On The Decline

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Daytona Beach area DUI arrests have fallen steadily for the last five years from 2,600 arrests down to 1,537.

Should You Waive Your Formal Review For A Daytona Beach DUI

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The Bureau of Administrative Reviews recently changed the rules for getting a hardship license allowing the driver to potentially avoid the hard suspension. To avoid the hard suspension the driver must waive the right to a hearing to challenge administrative suspension from a Daytona Beach DUI. Being able to drive is beneficial for many DUI suspects but the new process also waives the right to challenge the suspension and can increase the upfront cost.

What Happens When You Are Arrested For A Daytona Beach DUI

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Should You Take A Daytona Beach Breath Test

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Is it better to take a Daytona Beach breath test or is it better to refuse? Here are some of the factors to consider.

Daytona Beach Bike Week Attorney

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Daytona Beach Bike Week is just around the corner so I thought I would discuss the types of cases we see stemming from Bike Week festivities. This is based on observations as a defense attorney and former prosecutor in Daytona Beach.
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